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Victor D. Infante's poetry has appeared in dozens of periodicals, including Chiron Review, Spillway, Word Riot, Blue Satellite, The Nervous Breakdown, Pearl and Barrelhouse and anthologies such as Poetry Slam: The Competitive Art of Performance Poetry, Spoken Word Revolution Redux, The Last American Valentine: Poems to Seduce and Destroy, Aim For the Head: An Anthology of Zombie Poetry and The Incredible Sestina Anthology. He is the author of one full-length collection of poetry, City of Insomnia, from Write bloody Publishing, and more than a dozen chapbooks.

What People Are Saying

City of Insomnia is populated with walking ghosts, scarred angels, and phantom prophets pointing the way to an urban apocalypse now. This is essential 'look behind your back at night' work. - Laurel Ann Bogen, author, Washing a Language

... Because great poets are visionaries, Victor has seen what looms ahead and has been warning us ever since the first day he could articulate loss. Pay attention. He's the only one with the maps out of this labyrinth. - Amelie Frank, editor, Blue Satellite

Victor Infante tells the heartbreaking truth with an unsentimental eye to getting it right. His unwavering honesty draws you in, makes you want to look away and draws you back again, and again. His poems 'will stay with me forever like a ghost' (from 'Haunted'). - Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, author, Pen on Fire: A Busy Woman's Guide to Igniting the Writer Within

This is too inhuman for me. i would feel like a pretentious shithead reading these to people out loud. i think i like parts of the last two stanzas of the last poem. but you talked about minotaurs in other places, it felt like a video game. like final fantasy III or something. i usually don't like that. i like video games but if i can play them and see the minotaur and kill it with magic. i don't know. it just feels like rob zombie or something to me. that's just me though. have a good monday. - Tao Lin, author, Selected Tweets

Has this guy never heard of bathos? (To cite old Noah: 1. a ludicrous descent from the exalted or lofty to the commonplace. 2. insincere pathos; sentimentality; mawkishness; 3. triteness or triviality in style). I halted briefly at "insincere pathos." I'm afraid this guy's pathos is sincere. - George Magoon, reviewer, Off the Coast

I love this book. Really, I love it. If I weren't already engaged, I think I would consent to marry this book. Sure, it'd be a strange wedding but you get a sense of the depth of my sincerity, right? Warhol Days is Victor D. Infante's eighth poetry chapbook and though this is the only collection I have read, let me say that this guy knows his stuff. The pieces here are full of depth, energy, and humor. The variety of writing styles, too, shows his deftness and creativity. - Laura A. Lionello, reviewer, PoeticDiversity

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