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Fables of the Reconstruction: TV, Podcasts, Websites and Farm Fest Rocks!

A look ahead ...

Hello! I've begun the process of moving the parts of this website that were created in Storify into Wakelet. Not to get all technical and stuff, but it's a consuming process to get it all done, but so far, I'm enjoying the new program. 

In the meantime, I have all sort of things going on, including the new TV show I'll be hosting for WCCA TV, Got It Covered, which is an extension of The Great Cover Song Challenge where I'll be talking to musicians and going deeper into the process of adapting someone else's song. We start taping that tonight, and I'm very excited. 

Coming up next month is Farmfest Rocks: A Benefit for Donker Farm. Donker Farm is the only working farm left in the city of Worcester, and managed by the Greater Worcester Land Trust. I'm pleased to be able to help raise funds to support it, and to host such an amazing lineup:

Farmfest Rocks
8 p.m. June 30
Ralph's Rock Diner, 148 Grove St.
Worcester, MA.

Featuring: Lovina ● Matt Robert ● Sean Ryder ● Jenith Charpentier ● The Duende Project ● Rushelle Frazier ● Victoria Obvious ● James Keyes ● The Hip Swayers ●Ghost of the Machine ● Death Over Simplicity, all for only $7!
And there's even more on the horizon. Lots of exciting stuff coming ... I'll share it as I can!


We've begun doing podcasts at the T&G most notably our every-weekday series, From The Newsroom, where reporters and editors talk about some of our stories from the paper. Richard Duckett and I have done a couple of these so far, and they've been a lot of fun. 

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