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Bengaluru Service Jam 2018

As part of the Global Service Jam 2018, over 50 Bangaloreans came together to explore ways to build services, using design and a playful mindset. In less than 48 hours, we went through a whole Service Design process and prototyped new services together, based on a shared global theme. The Service Jam brought together people from diverse backgrounds (like psychology, wildlife conservation, social work and design) for one high energy, action packed, inspiring weekend of learning, collaborating and creating together by #doingnottalking

The Global Service Jam is an annual service design event (the biggest in the world, so far), initiated in 2011 by Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence. The jam is a totally non-for-profit and a volunteer run initiative, run locally by jam hosts, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to work together for a weekend, with a focus on prototyping new services

Based on a shared (and Top Secret) Global theme that is released every year from Jam HQ, the world jams! Small teams in every location work together to think, make, test and build together - learning from each others approaches and connecting to a global community of innovators along the way. This is how we jam.

This year, over 80 other cities jammed together over 1 weekend in March

Bengaluru isn't new to jamming, the city has hosted the Global Service, Gov and Sustainability Jams since 2012 and was even the biggest jam in the world and Global Jam Head Quarters for the Global Service Jam in 2013!

The 2018 Bengaluru Service Jam was hosted by the team from Icarus. This team had also hosted 2 jams in 2017 - Namma GovJam with WRI Cities and the Bangalore Metro Transport Corporation as well as the Bengaluru Service Jam in 2017 where we had about 15 jammers jamming at the Icarus office space

Planning began in mid January and the team got thinking about how to evolve and spread the jam as well as get better as hosts and facilitators.

Having hosted free jams before, we knew that charging participants was a good idea as we it meant more committed jammers, better facilities and food and a better jam experience for everyone. We settled on a professional and student fee, together with our co-hosts at NUMA and began spreading the word using a pre-registration form, to get a sense of how many jammers we could expect. It helped us put out quick feelers & sense the level of interest as well as know more about the backgrounds of the people that were likely to jam. We were pleasantly surprised to receive over 80 responses, it gave us a good sense of the logistics and helped us plan around it.

We opened formal registrations for 50 jammers only 2 weeks before the event and were glad to have it sell out on the last day.

Created by AparnaR9709

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