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Update: T-Swift not in the Capitol

Singer Taylor Swift set off a ruckus in the Capitol on Wednesday. Well, actually, rumors of T-Swift in the Capitol set off a ruckus, but the singer was nowhere to be found.

Rumors spread quickly (helped along by Senate Majority Leader spokesman Don Stewart, who's pulled this kind of thing before), before disappointed staffers and interns went back to work.

TayTay has a concert at FedEx Field tonight after a show last night.

Photo op

It's All American Pet Photo Day, so Sen. Maggie Hassan shared one of Piper, her office dog.

Taylor Swift and Manchin

Seventeen children and parents were treated to the Taylor Swift concert in D.C. on Tuesday night by West Virginia Caring, a non-profit that works with individuals and their families transitioning through life-limiting illness with palliative and hospice care. On Wednesday, three people from that group — two young girls and their mother — got to meet with Sen. Joe Manchin.

The family is from Clarksburg, W. Va., and before heading back, they got a tour of the Capitol.

Perlmutter’s tribute to his father

Rep. Ed Perlmutter’s father Leonard Michael Perlmutter died on Sunday in Denver.

“‘Len’ or ‘Laz’ as he was known to many was a great man and a great Coloradan,” the congressman said in a statement. 

“The breadth and the impact of his accomplishments and endeavors is immeasurable. There was no job and no person too big or too small for him. He was an innovator, business man, educator, civic leader, dog lover, Democrat from the top of his head to the tips of toes, and a wonderful father, husband, grandfather and great-grandfather. He worked hard, he played hard and he always kept faith with himself.”

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