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5/7 "Elevating Teacher Voice" Twitter Chat

On Monday May 7th, the Better Together team hosted our monthly #BetterTogetherCA Twitter Chat with with four incredible California educators from across the state: Peter Paccone, Alice Chen, Laura Bradley, and Scott Petri. The topic of the chat was “Elevating Teacher Voice”. In honor of Teacher Appreciation month we spent the entire hour appreciating the power of teachers voice and how teachers get their voice out within the teaching community. Below is a recap of the questions asked during our chat, as well as the audience’s questions, comments, and insights.

A1 I started blogging about my work because @skrashen told me to! I had told him how I make #pleasure#choice #reading central to my classroom, and he said, “Please blog about it! Other teachers need to hear your story!” #BetterTogetherCA

A1 I elevate my voice within the teaching community for lots of different reasons. Primarily, it's because I think I have something of value to offer. Also because doing so makes me reflect on how I teach #BetterTogetherCA

A1: I also #share my work because I want #teachers to take control of the #narrative of #education. While outsiders claim what is wrong with and how to fix schools, we teachers know best. #BetterTogetherCA

A1: I elevate my voice in support of professional learning-especially for History/Social Studies Ts. How? By reminding anyone who will listen about how important our content and skills are #BetterTogetherCA

A1: A really great principal (looking at you @emilydtodd) asked @kjhskolts teachers to do quick demos at staff mtngs. Great way to get comfortable sharing our work, and we all get a peek inside colleagues’ classrooms. #BetterTogetherCA

A1: I use Twitter, Instagram, and blogging to share my #teachervoice. I've learned so much from these platforms from other #teachers that I want to pay it forward. I try to share relevant ideas or powerful articles on the web using these tools. #BetterTogetherCA

A1: Sharing our work is good for us, too - here’s a great piece from @edutopia on why teachers benefit from writing: #BetterTogetherCA

A1: By blogging personally and professionally, speaking at conferences and sharing my work in places like the #goformative library and @edmodo spotlight. I think I have something to add to the education conversation and believe in paying it forward. #BetterTogetherCA

A1: I love to present at conferences like @edtechteam @cueinc @ncte - I gain so much from the experience. #BetterTogetherCA

A1: I elevate my voice through teacher trainings/PDs and bringing it back to the purpose of serving students first in K-12 schools. #BetterTogetherCA

A1 I have found that the more you share, the more others share with you. I have learned so much from the Ts on @KQEDedspace @CAsocialstudies @CUERockStar and @SCSSA_Prez events. #BetterTogetherCA

A1 I share my voice, so I can help my students and PLN. I am involved in sharing via Voxer Twitter @TsGiveTs ..... most anywhere. All the kids are all of our kids :) #bettertogetherCA

A1: To elevate my voice within our teaching community, I participate in learning experiences as much as I can to gain new insight and contribute; it sparks discussion and helps me bring something new and valuable into the classroom for my students. #BetterTogetherCA

A1: I use twitter and social media and am involved in community groups where I can advocate for my students and their families and share their stories because so many of them don’t feel they have the power or resources to do so #BetterTogetherCA

A1: I elevate my voice to empower other give a voice to my students who may not know how to advocate for themselves. #bettertogetherCA

A1: I try to share my voice on Twitter. @KristinOropeza and I have also have a baby blog right now. #BetterTogetherCA

A2: It has to start at home! We begin every @kjhskolts #staffmeeting w/ #appreciations - we toss a Kenilworth Kiss (a.k.a. @Hersheys) to a colleague & thank them for something they’ve done. We need a #culture of elevating each other on our campus first! #BetterTogetherCA

A2 Nominate fellow teachers for awards in the professional organizations you belong to. It's always flattering. #BetterTogetherCA

A2: I love to share my colleagues’ work - on my blog ( or for @edutopia or @KQEDedspace - I let others know what a great team I work w/at @kjhskolts. Even our #PE #physeddept rocks #techintegration! #BetterTogetherCA

A2 So Cal Tweeps should attend the elevating teacher voice through innovation. @scottmpetri @PeterPaccone #BetterTogetherCA

A2: I elevate the voices of my teaching peers by writing about them on KQED's In the Classroom website. Here's a link to my latest. #BetterTogetherCA

A2: It’s all about shared leadership! Recruit, support, acknowledge, empower. #BetterTogetherCA

A2. As the Coordinating Editor for KQED's In the Classroom website, I also help elevate the voices of my peers by encourage them to blog for the website. Other websites too. #BetterTogetherCA

A2 I participate in #TeacherLedPD w @crfusa & @historytechie Great to collab w innovators outside of your school site. #BetterTogetherCA

A2: That is a little harder. I share their work (with permission) and encourage them to post and participate. Even when I'm not on a chat, if I see a colleague I know, I'll jump in to ensure they "do are notalone". Once bit by the sharing bug it's hard to stop. #BetterTogetherCA

A2: By building relationships that are meaningful and authentic. I love to encourage Ts as well as Ss via Twitter and put them first. If I see something amazing using technology, I won't hesitate to do a personal shout out. #BetterTogetherCA

A2. I also help elevate the voices of my teaching peers by encourage them to sign-up to give ED-Talks at the annual California Better Together Teachers Summit #BetterTogetherCA

A2 I work to highlight my peers. Constantly encouraging them to share the awesome, or I share their awesome. I want to help cultivate confident leaders!!! #BetterTogetherCA

A2. Here's another way that I try to elevate teachers' voice - by idenifying those that did a great job of blogging in 2017. #bettertogetherca

A2. I also help teachers elevate their voice by writing blog post that tell teachers how they can elevate their own voice. #BetterTogetherCA

A2: I elevate the voices of teaching peers by teaching them to use twitter and showing them how they can share their work #BetterTogetherCA

A2: Ts work as a team at our school-by knowing what our colleagues are teaching and talking to Ss about the great learning they are doing in their other classes, making connections, we are elevating the voices of our peers and reinforcing the learning with Ss. #BetterTogetherCA

A2: I try to encourage my peers to speak up, get involved in school and district happenings. We are our students best advocates but we need to find and develop our voice in order for this to happen. #BetterTogetherCA

A2: ...and by giving them credit on twitter during chats! #BetterTogetherCA @TabaldoOnTech@Its_Your_Move @reillysusan1 so many many more teachers who need to be encouraged and elevated!

A3 For Twitter chats, I like @edutopia #edutopiachat, @TheWeirdTeacher #WeirdEd, @burgessdave#tlap & @JoyKirr #ShiftThis #BetterTogetherCA

A3. Yes, I frequently participate in Twitter Chats. #BetterTogetherCA

A3: I also like @edutopia’s FB #community: So many generous teachers share & support in the comment threads! #BetterTogetherCA

A3: This is my only Twitter Chat - I follow historians, museums, presidential libraries, and civic groups in addition to my favorite educators. #BetterTogetherCA

A3: I've followed #tosachat community for my own professional learning. I think I'm ready to participate and share #BetterTogetherCA

A3. Articles by teachers for teachers. PD given by teachers for teachers. That's the best way to go these days. Hearing and reading from those actually doing the work. #BetterTogetherCA

A3 Best online professional development: #ECGlobal 24 hours of FREE amazingness Would love all of you to join in July!!! #bettertogetherCA

A3. For new APUSH and AP Gov teachers, a great place to go to hear the voices of experienced APUSH and AP Gov teachers is the APUSH Teachers Facebook page and the APGOV Teachers Facebook page. Great teachers there who share freely. #bettertogetherca

A3: Yes. I participate in Twitterchats often. In fact, three just tonight. You could say I'm a twitterchat junkie. Now, for more "traditional" learning opportunities, I've done basically every course on #KQEDTeach, and @Microsoft education, as well as others. #BetterTogetherCA

A3: And let's not forget yesterday's #MADPD on @flipgrid. You can watch all the recordings #BetterTogetherCA

A3: Connect with a tech leader or TOSA who will help drive the passion of learning and share a wealth of knowledge to be wiser! Be willing to take time to explore, face challenges, grow, and GLOW. Persevere! Go to CUE! #BetterTogetherCA

A3: I definitely participate in Twitter Chat and Webinars #PDinPjs. #BetterTogetherCA

A3: Um...duh? I love Twitter chats! I have told every professional colleague I have come across...I receive better, more authentic PD via Twitter than any other professional development I’ve received elsewhere. I love #bettertogetherca chats. Also a fan of #classdojochats.

A4: New teachers: Start on your own campus. Find a teacher who loves their work and is willing to share. Usually that one will have peers on campus who also love teaching! #BetterTogetherCA

A4 I have seen many methods teachers like @WendyLRouse and @SCSSA_Prez that get their student teachers started on Twitter & attending Teacher-Led conferences. #BetterTogetherCA

A4 I have seen many methods teachers like @WendyLRouse and @SCSSA_Prez that get their student teachers started on Twitter & attending Teacher-Led conferences. #BetterTogetherCA

A4: Walk across the hall! Visit other classrooms (including those outside of your content area). Read, read, read - try it out, reflect - talk it out - try again. #BetterTogetherCA

A4: New teachers: Find educators on Twitter who share in areas that matter to you - start here: #BetterTogetherCA

A4. The best way for new new or beginning teachers to connect with and learn from other teachers is to read articles by teachers for teachers. In the Classroom, PBS' Teachers' Lounge, Edutopia, all great places to start. #BetterTogetherCA

A4. Ask questions. Try something new everyday. Let others come observe and give you feedback. Record yourself to watch and reflect. It’s awkward but transformative. #BetterTogetherCA

A4. I would also tell all new or beginning teachers to attend all the great free PD offerings in this state, starting with the CA Better Together Teacher Summit and including the Arcadia Innovative Teacher Summit #BetterTogetherCA

A4: More for new (and old!) teachers: Find your tribe - which Twitter chat is right for you? Check out these suggestions: #BetterTogetherCA

A4: Tell new teachers to jump on Twitter chats even if they’re 30 minutes late! #BetterTogetherCA 🤩 I also think that more schools should support new teachers with ed research reading groups.

A4: At your own school, find "that" teacher, who can be your mentor. Branch out on Twitter, find educators to follow and read up on different blogs (Edutopia and KqeD's In the Classroom comes to mind). Basically find your #tribe. #BetterTogetherCA

A4 It's all about the hashtag. Find yours; then find your peeps. I want to rock #AR #VR world, so I am active in #ARVRinEDU and the abfab pees there:) When I need my happy #JoyfulLeaders is the win!! #bettertogetherCA

A4: I've been trying to tell the Ts I mentor to connect through Twitter. It's amazing how connections grow and how much is shared. #BetterTogetherCA

A4: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! We all struggle with new challenges every day and we work best when we lean on each other. Teaching is a puzzle and it takes a team to figure out how to reach each and every student. #BetterTogetherCA

A4: @MrsBarnett_Tchr and I just hosted a session on Twitter for a district PD - our advice? Lurk, lurk, and lurk some more. Find your niche. Participate and get chatting! Follow teachers who inspire you! #BetterTogetherCA

A5: I’m looking for the secret of how to produce short, quick blog posts… but #thestruggleisreal. I’m a slow writer. #BetterTogetherCA

A5 I blogged a lot more before I started working on my National Boards. Now I'm paranoid they will ding me for plagiarizing my own work. #BetterTogetherCA

A5: I love to blog but don’t do it enough. I have written about my lessons and experiences and interactions and approaches, though I often don’t finish. I just found some articles on my computer about a new Snapchat narrative lesson from two years ago. Help! #BetterTogetherCA

A5: I try to remember to take pictures of what we’re doing in class - then it’s easy to #tweet out a #picture and a #comment about what we’re doing. #BetterTogetherCA

A5: Everyyear i challenge myself to really take care of my blog and write at least once a month. Then testing season starts and nothing happens for a while. Finding the time is a struggle, especially with all the "other" stuff. #BetterTogetherCA

A5: Indeed time is the essence. I should probably consider blogging...hmm? I have been sketchnoting my thoughts and ideas #BetterTogetherCA

A5. How do I make time to share my voice? I just do. Like exercise and spending time with family and friends. I just make it a priority. #BetterTogetherCA

A5 Others need your voice, your encouragement. Make the time to post/text/email - however you need to connect to build up your community. #bettertogetherCA

A5: present at conferences! Love going to @CAsocialstudies @ncte @CA_NAME @Cali_CATE @ASCD I learn and connect with ppl on Twitter. Finally met @historyhistory4 after following her history teaching ideas. #BetterTogetherCA

A5: I love to write, so that makes it a little easier to spend my “off” time writing. I also find that writing about my work helps me discover ways to improve. #IDontKnowWhatIThinkUntilIReadWhatISay#BetterTogetherCA

A5: I teach part time, so...😁 But even when I didn’t, I basically never stop talking about teaching or teaching about teaching or explaining things...😬 I’m a hit at parties 🙊 #BetterTogetherCA

A5: I am surrounded by friends who are teachers or educators in neighboring districts. Stories are never-ending! #BetterTogetherCA

A5: @MrsBarnett_Tchr and I are sitting at BJ’s, partctipating in this #BetterTogetherCA chat, over dinner! It’s all about balance. Connecting with other educators is enjoyable. It’s not a work obligation. It’s fun. And I get to do it with my work bestie at times. :)

A5: Once it becomes a habit, it's easier to notice little things that would be worth sharing. After 15 years of teaching in isolation, it took awhile to get used to noticing what I could share. Now it comes more naturally. #BetterTogetherCA

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