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When Your Week Includes 'The Voice,' Billboard and Launching A TV Show

Earlier this week, Sam James gave me a heads up that a song he co-wrote was going to be on The Voice. Later this week, I found out that an album that local hip-hop artists Lou Gonz, DJ Manipulator and Atlas Jenkins had contributed to was charting well on Billboard.

I'm going to be honest, and admit I don't put a lot of stock in things like televised singing competitions and Billboard charts ... let's face it, a lot of awful has appeared on those fronts. But I don't dismiss them out of hand, either. I am intensely interested in what interests other people, even if I don't care for those things myself. I always want to understand what people see in things that I'm either indifferent toward, or even actively dislike. I think it's part of wanting to understand people in general.

In these case, I lucked out. The local artists are all fantastically talented, and I couldn't be more happy for their successes. And hey, it makes good copy. 

Me? I feel like everything I was doing sort of amped up in the past week. Here's the rundown:


The "pilot" of the show I'm hosting and producing, Got It Covered, has emerged, and even though watching yourself on TV/video is terribly weird, I'm pleased with the result. We started off the series with The Duende Project covering Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone. It's hard to imagine a better way to signify what the show is all about.


Worcester Culture Watch continued, this time with Richard Duckett and myself talking about Johnny Mathis (!!!), who is playing the Hanover Theatre, and other "retro" acts. We also talked a bit about why certain acts do and don't come to Worcester.


My poems The Rest Is Silence (for John Gardiner) and Portrait of Morning in Media Res appear in the e-anthology, A Tale of Two Cities, edited by Nina Lewis. The project was a sort of transatlantic call and response, with poets here in Worcester, Mass., trading poems with poets in Worcester, England, in my case exchanging and responding to poems with British writer Amy Rainbow. 


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